is owned and operated by Aggie Dowd who has
more than 40 years of writing and editing experience.  During her professional life, she has been reporter, feature writer, research writer, editor, and columnist. 


Aggie was a research writer and editor for Wm. F. Buckley Jr. for almost 15 years.  He once called himself, "Aggie's most promising student."    
Beginning in 1965, Aggie worked on eight of his books, receiving public acknowledgment from Buckley.  In “The Governor Listeth” (1970), Buckley wrote, “My special thanks to Miss Agatha Schmidt, without whose help I could not possibly have managed this book.  In fact, I cannot imagine how anybody manages a book without Aggie.” 

In “Inveighing We Will Go” (1972), Buckley wrote, “My special thanks to Mrs. Agatha Schmidt Dowd, without whose help this book would be an unintelligible mess, for making it sublime.”  

Most recently, from 2005 until his death in February of 2008, Aggie collaborated with Buckley on his very last book, which she hopes to finish in the near future. 


Over the years of her association with Buckley, Aggie also researched and edited his thrice-weekly syndicated columns, and wrote the research packets for his weekly television show, “Firing Line”.