Exceptional Edit.com combines world-class expertise and broad experience to make your writing professional, polished, and powerful.  Exceptional Edit.com was founded to help individuals and businesses make the most of their written words. Because words convey  something significant about you and your work, communicating in sentences that are exact, clear and smooth is central to making a good impression and  inspiring confidence.  The art of polished writing requires using the precise word for your meaning and constructing sentences and paragraphs that easily flow from one another.
Whether you are a book author, a short story writer or a student, Exceptional Edit.com can help you put your best writing forward.  Publishers and professors will be impressed by your prose, and you will have a greater chance of success.
Businesses will benefit from Exceptional Edit.com's ability to assist in creating smooth and professional communications with customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders.
Exceptional Edit.com was founded by Aggie Dowd, who has over 40 years of writing and editing experience.  She spent 13 years working closely with William F. Buckley Jr., an acknowledged master of the English language.
Exceptional Edit.com  can assist with most types of written communications, including:
  • Book and Short Story Editing (including fiction, non-fiction, reference and academic)
  • School Editing (term paper, thesis)
  • Job Application Editing (resume, curriculum vitae)
  • Article Editing (journals, magazines, newspapers)
  • Business Communications
  • Web Content Editing

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